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About us


Chatr is a non-for-profit organization based in Kabul, Afghanistan. It has started its activities from the past years and it was officially founded in 2021 by Zohra Dayani. Chatr is aimed to provide cultural and humanitarian support for people all over Afghanistan. Our specific focus points are poverty reduction and providing development opportunities in any sector especially culture and health.


Poverty reduction

helping poor and supporting vulnerable Afghan women, children, and youths.

Cultural development

providing opportunities to present Afghan culture.


providing training for women all over Afghanistan including female addicts.

Zohra Dayani

Zohra Dayani is the founder of Chatr organization. She immigrated to Germany when she was a teenager. At the age of 18, she could enter culture community at the Germany municipality. At that time, Zohra Dayani began her activities as a member of The Green Party and started observing Afghanistan’s politics. She has participated at many demonstrations related to Afghanistan’s issues although she wasn’t inside the country.

She has graduated from Dental Hygiene major. She likes to travel around the world to enter cultures breach. Her vision is to live in Afghanistan for Afghans. Zohra Dayani’s mission is to accomplish responsibility to her homeland.

Latest Work with Afghan international Services

In collaboration with Afghan International Services (AIS), Chatr was able to contribute to the following Art Installation and Construction works



Chatr was able to help impoverished Afghan families during Covid-19 pandemic.

Camp of drug female addicts

The camp of drug female addicts in Kabul was supported financially by Chatr foundation.

Street children

We were lucky to help street children with school kits and clothes.

Financially support families

After the latest changes in the country, we could financially support 100 Afghan families.

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